Turn the Cell Phone Off. We Mean It.

Monday, July 16th, 2012

The grind of modern life will wear down even the best of us if we don’t take the time to step back, relax and spend some time on our own self-improvement. Of course, for many psychiatrists, vacation time doesn’t really mean vacation time. Turning off and tuning out for a week simply isn’t an option. Patient’s needs must be met even when you’re on the beach in Cabo sipping out of a pineapple, which can ultimately defeat the whole purpose of taking the vacation in the first place.

Other than a Virtual RN system, our top request from practicing MD’s has been Vacation Coverage. For an average period of 7-14 days, all calls that would normally be going to either an answering machine or directly to the physician themselves will be fielded by our team of professional RN’s who have been trained specifically for the task of handling all incoming calls to your practice. Knowing you can sip on your Pina Colada and spend some quality “me time” without your cell phone by your side is our gift to you for working so hard day to day.

Empowering Psychiatric Patients Through Education

Providing Patient Education Services One of the most important roles the psychiatric nurses at PsychCoverage have is as educator. The vast majority of the calls that come in are from patients who are worried about their new medication, experiencing side effects, not experiencing a decrease in symptoms, or who need some reassurance. There are many […]

What Psychiatric Coverage Means To Patients and Psychiatrists

What is psychiatric coverage? Because of the newness of the industry, psychiatric coverage is a phrase that is not yet well known in the mental health community. “Psychiatric Coverage” is on-call coverage for psychiatrists. Similar to an on-call nurse, available after-hours during times of patient need, psychiatric coverage is what private practice psychiatrists use when […]