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Psychiatrist Coverage Options for After-Hours and Vacations

Your work days are filled with meetings, patient appointments, the tasks of managing a private practice and the additional responsibility to be available 24/7 to respond to after-hours patient emergencies. While you may not get an after-hours call, you’re always aware of the burden of that responsibility every minute of the day. Are you ready for a change?

PsychCoverage can relieve you of that burden so that your patients are well taken care of and your free time becomes a sanctuary, devoted only to your family, your friends and yourself.

It hasn’t been easy to get where you are today. It’s taken years of schooling, hard work and dedication but retirement may sometimes seem like a long way off. Your time is NOW.

How you spend your evenings, weekends and vacations are important indicators of your quality of life. Make the most of them by enjoying every minute.

Experience the peace of mind that comes with having real free time, without the uncertainty of arranging coverage, without the inconvenience and interruption of getting an emergency call or the worry of missing one.

Coverage Options

Evening Coverage: 6pm to 8am, Mondays through Fridays

Weekend Coverage: Fridays at 5pm through Mondays at 8am

Vacation Coverage: 24/7 for the length of your vacation

Full Coverage: Custom Packages available.  Call or email for details.

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Empowering Psychiatric Patients Through Education

Providing Patient Education Services One of the most important roles the psychiatric nurses at PsychCoverage have is as educator. The vast majority of the calls that come in are from patients who are worried about their new medication, experiencing side effects, not experiencing a decrease in symptoms, or who need some reassurance. There are many […]

What Psychiatric Coverage Means To Patients and Psychiatrists

What is psychiatric coverage? Because of the newness of the industry, psychiatric coverage is a phrase that is not yet well known in the mental health community. “Psychiatric Coverage” is on-call coverage for psychiatrists. Similar to an on-call nurse, available after-hours during times of patient need, psychiatric coverage is what private practice psychiatrists use when […]