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Weekend Coverage Options For Psychiatrists

Work overload and lack of free time are two of the most common sources of stress among psychiatrists. The kind of stress that can lead to job dissatisfaction, professional burnout and even early retirement. The responsibility of providing 24/7 coverage and access for patients significantly contributes to that work overload and even the awareness that you may get a call can convey the feeling that there is not even a work-life separation, much less the work-life balance we recommend to patients suffering from work related stress and anxiety.

The realities of  24/7 access in our “always connected” world leaves few good options for private practice providers. The lack of available alternatives prompt some psychiatrists to offer patients their personal contact numbers but then have to be ever conscious of battery life, reception or a ring tone that is loud enough to wake them out of a sound sleep. Others have opted  to leave an office voice mail directing patients in crisis to “call 911 or go to the nearest ER,” an approach that has been widely criticized by risk managers as inadequate because it requires a patient in crisis to determine for themselves the appropriate level of care they need at the time they are least able to make that determination. This is a difficult situation for providers seeking a viable option. Finally, there is one.

PsychCoverage has been providing affordable weekend coverage options for psychiatrists since 1995. We still provide on-call coverage for many of our original clients and continue to receive feedback on how our weekend coverage service has improved both the quantity and quality of free time enjoyed by the psychiatrists we serve.

Want a little  balance in your life? Call PsychCoverage today.

A few of your colleagues who did have this to say.

“I finally have real downtime away from my practice”

“I’m able to really enjoy my weekends”

“I like not worrying about being paged at 2am on a Saturday night”

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Recent Testimonials

“In twelve years I have gotten so many positive responses from patients who have called needing help. I can’t remember a single complaint”

Dr. Robert Littman
Alvarado, CA

“Thank you so much for your coverage these past few months. It has significantly reduced my stress level to have a true break on the weekends!”

Dr. Janet Fischer
Vista, CA


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