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Vacation Coverage Options For Psychiatrists

As a private practice psychiatrist, preparing to go on vacation inevitably means either asking a colleague with their own busy practice to cover yours while you’re away or cover the calls yourself as best you can while on vacation. Even if a colleague is available and willing, they would then have to cover clinical calls, questions, refill requests and remain vigilant for potential emergencies for two practices when they should be enjoying their own weekend or evening, and you’ll have to return the favor when its their turn to go away (which they might want to take advantage of after covering your practice!). If you try to cover the calls yourself you don’t enjoy a real vacation and don’t get the kind of rest you need. In the past, these two options have been the only ones available to many providers, and neither is very attractive. PsychCoverage has changed that.

Headed out of town for a conference or a family vacation? With our affordable Vacation Coverage service, all you need to do is request our coverage documents, sign and return by fax or email and that’s it. You’re ready to go. All that’s left is to change your office voice mail directing your patients to contact the on-call triage RN.  Once we have the start up agreements in place and you’re officially a PsychCoverage client, whenever you need call coverage, whether for vacations, long weekends, or even sick leave, just let us know which dates you’ll be away and change the message on your office answering machine. It’s that easy.  You and your patients are covered. We’ll invoice you at the end of the coverage period.

Sound good? Here’s what some of our clients have to say.

“An invaluable service”
“An extremely positive experience”
“So much easier, I don’t even have to think about it”

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Recent Testimonials

“I found the service very helpful. It made it easier to go on vacation without the need to carry a pager or find coverage.”

Dr. Allen Lee
San Diego, CA

”PsychCoverage provides me with peace of mind.  Every night I can relax and sleep restfully trusting that my patients will be treated professionally, promptly and reliably.  This means a lot to me.”

Dr. Mary Ann Barnovitz
Folsom, CA


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