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Our Technology – Searchlight

What is Searchlight?

In pursuit of the perfect patient care technology, PsychCoverage designed a unique platform. Searchlight is a custom built application suite designed for the exclusive use of PsychCoverage for documentation, management and reporting of all routine or emergency encounters with patients in your practice that occur during evening, weekend or vacation coverage periods.

What does it do?

Searchlight maintains an electronic record of all after-hours call encounters and dispositions so that at the end of any coverage period you have access to updated information on any patient initiating contact during a contracted coverage period.

Platform Features include:

  1. An RN-facing application to document all patient encounters, call dispositions and for scheduling of prn follow-up calls.
  2. An MD-facing web application that provides automatic notification to you that one of your patients has contacted PsychCoverage during a coverage period, and linking to a secure log-in mechanism that allows you or your office staff to review or print the encounter notes for inclusion in the patient’s office record.
  3. An administrative application to maintain MD client agreements, standing orders and contact information along with RN employee files, licensure records and other administrative data.

Searchlight was designed to maintain records of all patient encounters, document and update patient condition, actions, interventions and recommendations, while also providing a secure, HIPPA-compliant reporting mechanism to the patient’s mental health provider for the specific purpose of supporting patient safety and continuity of care.  Entry of patient’s information automatically maps to any previous after-hours encounters with that patient.  Searchlight also gives PsychCoverage the additional capability to maintain contact numbers for family members, identified caregivers, mental health or other local community resources and information that may be critical in meeting the needs of your patients in crisis.

Technology Specs

Nursing and Administrative applications use a “smart client” architecture built in Microsoft’s.NET 4.0 framework using SQL Server 2008 R2 for secure data storage. Server interaction is through Microsoft’s Windows Communication Framework over the secure HTTPS protocol.  MD portal is built with Microsoft’s ASP.NET, and draws from the same SQL Server database.

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