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Patient Treatment Compliance

There are a variety of reasons why mental health patients may need after-hours support. Our metrics indicate that the #1 reason for after-hours clinical calls are questions and concerns arising from medication treatment for depression and anxiety, particularly at the onset of side effects in the initial phase of a new medication or following a dose change. This is also the time when treatment compliance is most important.

While many patients receive adequate education about potential side effects when starting a new medication, how much of that education they recall once the side effects begin is another matter. Often the first instinct is to make erroneous assumptions which usually increases their anxiety and often leads them to make an independent decision to stop taking the medication. PsychCoverage views these calls as a unique opportunity to interact with patients at the precise moment they are most likely to discontinue treatment, but also when they are most receptive to support, reassurance and education.

When given this opportunity, we provide patients with the critically important information they need to understand what is happening and what they can do to alleviate their discomfort and still adhere to your professionally recommended treatment. With calming and reassuring support and brief, between-dose follow up calls, we have successfully supported countless patients through this most difficult phase of treatment, one that research clearly shows is within the timeframe most patients are susceptible to treatment discontinuation and poor outcomes. We’d welcome the opportunity to provide this kind of service to you and to the patients in your practice.

Empowering Psychiatric Patients Through Education

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What Psychiatric Coverage Means To Patients and Psychiatrists

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